What is GO crowdsourcing?

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What is Crowdsourcing? 

When you use GO to guide you along your transit trip, you're also sharing the location of your bus with other Transit users to provide them with super-accurate vehicle tracking information.

Crowdsourced bus icons are indicated on the map by a smiley face:

How do I check my ranking?

In the spirit of helping others out, we want you to know just how many people you're helping by simply pressing GO. 

When you press GO, keep an eye out for a green oval at the top of the screen. It shows a smiley face, as well as the number of people you're helping at that moment. Tap it for more details. 

Green dots on the map also indicate the other Transit users benefiting from the bus location you're sharing with GO. 

Check your Ranking:

  • Tap the gear icon in the upper right hand side of the main screen.
  • Scroll down to My Transit Lines.
  • Tap individual lines to see how many people your crowdsourcing has helped:
  • How much battery and data does this use?

    While GO will affect your battery life, we’ve managed to keep it down to ~5% for an average 20-minute trip, and that assumes you’re glued to your phone the entire ride.

    The same typical GO trip will take  less than 100kb of data. That’s more than a text message, but less than a kitten GIF.

    What about my privacy?

    Your exact position is never shared with other riders. The position of the vehicle is only shared while GO is active and you’re on board. All data you generate using GO is  anonymous, and GO automatically turns off when you reach your destination.

    Locations of other Transit users are also anonymized and offset. The numbers of green dots on the map is the correct number of users you're helping, but the locations themselves are not accurate. 

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